2015 Video Recap

A big thank you to Francis Luta for creating this year's event recap video!

2015 Photo Gallery

They're finally here! Take a look through the dynamic photos from this year's event, shot by the wonderful Joanna Wojewoda


2.0 Toronto is a holistic fitness event experience that fuses movement with nutrition and education. The goal of the event is for leaders to come together for one day as a unified team. No intentional branding, no companies to rep, no egos, just humans teaching humans, evolving Toronto fitness into a Community.  


The mandate of the annual 2.0 Toronto event is to:

1. Provide holistic fitness education and deliver insightful and practical information to participants    

2. Coach with a diversity of talented Toronto-based presenters, instructors and coaches 

3. Create a Toronto Fitness community that coexists as a cultural mosaic

4. Raise funds for a local charity! 

2015 Nominated Presenters

Dr. Michelle Crispe - Opening Keynote Speaker (Julian's words on Michelle)
Chris Roche
 - In The Flow (Julian's words on Chris)
Ben Dussault - Integrative Group Movement (Julian's words on Ben)
Duncan Parviainen - Vinyasa Yoga (Julian's words on Duncan)
Garnet Suidy - BodyArt (Julian's words on Garnet)
Quentin Vitko - Taekwondo Conditioning (Julian's words on Quentin)

Sylva Mischke - Strengthonomics (Julian's words on Sylva)
Rachelle Wintzen - Vinyasa Yoga (Julian's words on Rachelle)
Chris Csak - Pilates (Julian's words on Chris)

Phil Delaire - Closing Keynote Speaker (Julian's words on Phil)
Firas Hosn - DJ
Sarah Mariano - Fascial Stretch Therapist

*Click on presenter names for their websites
*Click on Julian's words for blog write up on each presenter


Proceeds from 2.0 Toronto 2015 were donated to The Stop Community Food Centre! (thestop.org)

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The 2.0 Tribe

  • Julian Ho - Founder & Director
  • Marc Tavas - Designer
  • Carmen Puyo - Consultant
  • Michelle Crispe - Metaphysics and Motivation
  • Ben Dussault - Collaborative Group Fitness
  • Edgar Uribe - Zumba
  • Victoria Bannister - Athletic Pilates
  • Chris Csak - Pilates
  • Nathan Bower - Box Fit
  • Rachelle Wintzen - Vinyasa Yoga 
  • Antonio Van Praag - Dynamic Conditioning
  • Sylva Mischke - Strengthonomics & Tabata 
  • Christopher Roche - In The Flow
  • Michael Decorte - Jock Yoga
  • Felicia Taub - Insanity
  • Quentin Vitko - Taekwondo 
  • Jessica Darzinskas - Yoga  
  • Brigitte Grenier - Cheerbody
  • Eliana Stein - Hatha Yoga
  • Mark Hendricks - Movement Patterning
  • Thomas Heffernan - MMA
  • Greg Hetherington - Athletic Mobility
  • Stephanie Paplinski - Isotonic Strength
  • Johnny Rupani - Cycling Conditioning 
  • Jill Duff - Holistic Nutrition
  • Shameen Miller - Nutritionista
  • Dr. Aisling Lanigan - Naturopathy
  • Deepika Malik - Video Editing
  • Jeremy Benning - Photography
  • Marlon Teekah - Photography
  • Andrew Geary - Photography
  • Mike Rousseau - Photography
  • Jacopo Stifani - DJ
  • Leticia Maggs - DJ

“Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent, not a single conception of ability." 
— Sir Ken Robinson