The Indominable Spirit

The Indominable Spirit


***Sunday, September 20th at 99 Sudbury. www.julianho.ca/2-0 ****

Quentin upholds a zest for life that will make you remember him for life.  

Before I started teaching at Ferris 360, I did my research on the rest of the team.  I read through Quentin's credentials and experience and thought okay cool, not everyone has jacked credentials like Sylva, Garfield, and Derek!  I'm good! 
But I was sooo wrong! What’s not on paper are the real credentials …

Here we go: 
With a Taekwondo upbringing, a multi-sport athlete, and a personality meant for the spotlight, there's no doubt to why Lululemon would have him as an Ambassador. 

Quentin's positive energy can get you literally high on life.  Just like Jack Nicholson says to Helen Hunt in one of my favorite movies of all time, As Good As it Gets ... "You make me want to be a better man". I have been following Quentin’s growth as a teacher, inspirational leader, and as a student, and I am bewildered by his epic-ness. I feel I can’t say more about him in writing so as to underline my point about learning about someone in person vs. on paper.  Just like all of the other presenters in our 2.0 tribe, paper doesn't do them justice. 

Quentin is an animal when it comes to putting ideas into action with training and coaching. Over the summer, he put on kick ass Outdoor Bootcamps in Muskoka. His Instagram account is super fun and helpful @quentinvitko. Watch out for his latest stuff via his addictive daily VLOGS which are sneak peeks into his day to day lifestyle. Seriously, stay tuned in because this flower is blossoming before our very eyes ... it's a beautiful thing! https://www.youtube.com/user/B00MTANG/feed

I’ve asked Quentin to showcase his fire come event day, so prepare for some heated high kicks and ‘hi-ya’s!’, as his segment will be one of the hottest YANG energies of the day!

Lastly, Quentin, you’ll like this, but I wrote the majority of this profile while on the can! #morningdumpthoughts