Duncan Yoga

Duncan Yoga


***Sunday, September 20th at 99 Sudbury. www.julianho.ca/2-0 ****

Duncan Parviainen.
“Let your dreams run wild … be brave enough to follow.”

As I wind down into my 2nd last presenter profile, my words are stringing together more smoothly. Although I only really met Duncan this year, and have known about him since we both started at Equinox Bay Street two years ago, I have vivid moments of memory with Duncan. These photographic moments are vivid because of a few special qualities:
His ear to ear goofy smile. His radiating blue eyes. His gentle but rich hugs. His tasteful flamboyancy and playfulness. His calm and excited spirit.

In this fitness and movement industry, Duncan is one of “those”.
Many of us build ourselves up and in to the career of coaching and teaching. We take the typical route of academic schooling, find that we need more than just an intellectually stimulating profession, but one that bases itself on connecting with others physically. From there, we struggle with working a 9-5er with part time teaching as a hobby, ‘because we’re good at fitness’. We do what we’ve been told and just go with it until it hits us upside the head!  

Duncan is one of “those” rare breeds that listened to themselves at a young age. He is one of those that showed so much star potential at such a young age, that mentors couldn’t help but pull him into the right direction earlier rather than later. His willingness, determination, and self-awareness have brought him to where he is today, and I believe he teaches these values like no other.

When I first asked him to present for 2.0 this year, I was nervous.
An aside … we approach group fitness instructors with shyness because they are like living legends. Day in and day out, they put themselves out there, they exude so much courage, and speak as much truth as they know.

Back to my first time with Duncan ;) … I felt like a groupie nervous about asking him for his autograph! Before even finishing the words to my question to present at 2.0, he said “YES!!!” I was astonished, surprised, and grateful.
To give you a sample of his star power, first off, Duncan has a massive following. Even though he is a relatively young fella, he has been teaching since he was 17 years old! (Age is just a number! Experience and knowledge are everything). His following and practice has been building in strength for years and years. While many of us were in University studying Biology, Organic Chemistry, Business 101, and other subjects that were of no practical use to our current professions, Duncan was perfecting his craft. You can feel this depth of early experience in each of his classes.   

He has a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training System called Empowered Spirit. He was a pro dancer and a two time Ironman. On top of all that, he is a Lululemon and Vega ambassador.

To say Duncan is an amazing Yoga teacher is selling him a bit short.
Duncan is truly an institution, one that is living life brave enough to follow AND realize his wildest dreams.

He will be teaching his signature Vinyasa Yoga movements for us at 2.0.
Learn more about him at: http://www.duncanyoga.ca/