"I am an agent of positive change. I approach holistically. I teach multi-disciplinary. I lead with education, experience, and example. I hope to help you become more authentically you."


Julian is a coach, curator, and consultant in health, wellness, and fitness. He believes in achieving a harmony of the body, mind, and spirit, relative to life's goals and priorities. As a multi-certified/sponsored coach, Ironman, and ultramarathon champion, he is well known for his grit, intensity, and diversity. He balances this with an ever-evolving restorative practice, a mindfulness-based nutrition philosophy, daily reading and writing, and plenty of playtime. Julian’s education started with an HBA in Kinesiology from Western, certifications in Personal Training and Group Fitness Instruction. He has evolved with thorough education from the CHEK International Institute in Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and Exercise Coaching. Julian continues to lead the industry with his affiliation with the Health Programming and High Performance Coaching systems from IOM (the Institute of Motion in California). Julian sets himself apart with his continuing educational efforts, most recently a Yoga Detour (200HR) teacher training certification. Finally, Julian is the founder and director of 2.0 Toronto, an event platform for personal growth and professional development, and a place to create an ecosystemic network for next level humans alike.  

Julian endorses 3 outlooks: 1. Experiential learning; 'learning by doing', 2. 'Adaptability' as the spice of life, and 3. Positive psychology. In order to be innovative, creative, and curious, Julian invests his time and energy experiencing a wide array of life's cultural offerings: food, fashion, design, music, art, architecture, and film. He aims to live life through the lens of positive psychology through its PERMA model (Positive-emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement). He hopes to develop a higher level of functioning and performance through the 5 factors of adaptability: variability, versatility, tolerance, flexibility, and resilience.     

Libra (zodiac) | Tiger (Chinese Astrology) | ENTJ (Myers-Briggs) | born a twin!

"To be able to run, bike, lift, yoga, climb, and dance all in one day with the widest range of people and environments is truly a gift. I am grateful to be able to connect deeply with people as a career. I hope that my mission to teach holism and mindfulness through the vessel of fitness resonates with my community, and echoes as an example for years to come."






Instagram - @2.0toronto
Facebook -
Twitter - @ohnailuj


2019 GOALS

  • Do a 10-day silent retreat in the Fall

  • Achieve a Half Ironman Personal Record Time of 5 hours

  • Build a Movement Methodology

  • Meet a partner in crime

  • Take lessons in basic Jazz Piano


  • Develop an Online Course - A self-monitoring training ecosystem for Runners & Baby Boomers

  • Develop a Workshop - A soft skills workshop for Professionals

  • Develop a Ted Talk - An inspirational talk about Vitality (Adaptability, Balance, Creativity, Drive, Empathy)

  • Take 2.0 to 9 events, maintain core team, establish monetary partnerships, build membership to 150

  • Less coaching (20%), more consulting (40%), and curating (40%)


  • Learning via

    • Online - Business courses, Coaching effectiveness, Philosophy

    • Certification - Something Practical, IOM Health Coach Level 2 or Chek HLC Level 2

    • Hobbies - Piano tutorials, improve on either Cantonese, French, Spanish

    • Experiential learning - Explore restorative/regenerative practices and methodologies


  • Training for upcoming race:

    • 4th Half Ironman (July)

    • 120 mile Fat Dog Ultra (August)

  • Supplements: Morning - Probiotic, Vitamin B12, C, D | Afternoon - Omega 3s | Evening - CBD oil, Magnesium, Melatonin

  • Eating - Rotational Diet |

    • Typical Breakfast - None, fast until 11am

    • Late-Morning Brunch - Americano, Breakfast Sandwich (Egg, Avocado, and Ham), Carrot or Banana Muffin

    • Typical Late Lunch - All in one Nutritional Shake

    • Typical dinner - Cooked vegetables, Grilled/Baked Animal Protein, Rice or pasta, (1-2 dinners are vegetarian)

  • Hydrating - Electrolytes, Alkaline Water, Kombucha Tea, Green Tea, Coffee

  • Sleeping - 6-8 hours, bedtime 12-1am, wake up 8am

  • Typical Daily Exercise -

    • 8am Standing Spine/Pelvic Exercises while brushing teeth

    • 830am Decompression via Hanging

    • 930am Fasted Cardio with morning class (Indoor Cycling) or 2 hour Tempo Run with Run Buddy

    • 130pm Mobility Training done with afternoon classes (Mobility Stick)

    • 8pm Fascial Strength Training post Metcon Classes (3x a week)

    • ***Bike commuting throughout the day, approximately 10k

    • Bi-weekly Massage, 2x per week Theragun Percussive Self-Therapy


  • Bachelor of Arts, Honors Specialization in Kinesiology
    The University of Western Ontario (UWO)

  • Certified Kinesiologist (CK)
    Ontario Kinesiology Association (OKA)

  • Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS) Certification

  • Group Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) Certification

  • Equinox Signature Program Group Fitness Instructor
    Metcon 3, RX Series, Whipped, Stacked, Equinox Training Camp, Indoor Cycling, Precision Running, Ropes and Rowers, The Cut, The Pursuit, Mobility Stick, Trifecta Triathlon

  • Certificate of Insurance Policy (#SGP401695-64354)
    Stevenson & Hunt

  • Health & Movement Coach
    The Institute of Motion (IOM)

  • Yoga Instructor 200HR
    Yoga Detour

  • Chek Holistic Health & Exercise Coach
    - Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC)
    - Exercise Coach (EC)
    - Program Design Training
    - Scientific Back Training
    - Scientific Core Training
    The Chek Institute

  • Indoor Cycling Instructor
    Schwinn Fitness, Nautilus Institute

  • Indoor Running Coach
    Precision Running, Equinox

  • Cpr Certification/AED Level A
    Red Cross



2012-Present 2.0 Toronto
Dollars Fundraised for Charity


2017 Half Ironman
Victoria, British Columbia

80 KM

2015 North Face GoreTex
Endurance Challenge


Toronto Goodlife Marathon
2014 Pacer Bunny

Toronto Scotiabank Marathon
2014 Pacer Bunny


2013 50 mile Ancaster Sulphur Springs Ultra Trail Marathon, 3rd Overall

100 KM

2012 Sears Great Canadian Ultra Run for Kids Cancer, Toronto to Collingwood
(1st 100k Finisher, 10:45)



2017 Ironman
Mont Tremblant, Quebec

125 KM 

2016 Canadian Death Race


2015 Muskoka 56k
Ultramarathon Champion
(5:26 - Course Record)

2014 Muskoka 56k
Ultramarathon Champion

2013 Muskoka 56k
Ultramarathon Champion


2013 10k Sporting Life (Personal Best)


2012 56k Muskoka Limberlost Ultra Trail Marathon, 3rd Overall

2.0 TO

Holistic Fitness Collective (Founder)


Sulphur Springs 100 Miles
1st Place
1st Attempt

1st Place

2016 Yorkville 5k

6 days

2012 50 mile
Apu Ausangate, Peru
(5200m Altitude)

2010 50 mile
Tour de Mont Blanc, France
(4800m Altitude)


2012 30k Hamilton Around the Bay
(Personal Best)

45 bpm

Resting Heart Rate

2:51 (PR)

2015 Ottawa Marathon (2:50:30)
2011 Boston Marathon (2:51:45)


7 Day Fundraising Raised for Chicago's
Urban Initiatives Charity in 2015

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it,
move with it, and join the dance.”
- Alan Watts

Photography by Jeremy Benning