Mr. Anchored

Mr. Anchored


***Sunday, September 20th at 99 Sudbury. ***


A friend, a brother, a mentor, and a role model. Ben is this and much more to me.

Ben and I met 5 years ago and it was bromance at first sight. He emits a tractor beam that draws you in where resistance is futile. You’ll know it when you are in his presence. You can’t miss him because he’s got this crazy hardcore look to him: all tatted up, toque indoors, ripped up jean shorts, callused manly hands, Don Draper-esque haircut and grizzly facial hair to pair, with piercing blue eyes like his son. Sounds like I’m advertising Toronto’s top bachelor instead of top fitness pro! His wife Dani would probably agree with all of the compliments I have for this man, though I’m slightly biased as his buddy….I digress.

Sharing Ben’s personal life to cyberspace seems a bit revealing, but it is necessary. To appreciate Ben for all that he is and all that he does, you need context. Ben is the owner and founder of Anchored Social Club, located in the heart of Leslieville. He is a personal trainer and group fitness coach. His facility is minimalist. With the use of lentil bags, swiss balls, gym rings, manila rope, matted floors, a peg wall, and himself, he’s got more than enough knowledge and experience to lead a 30 participant class, let alone a one on one session.

I can think of 3 words that make Ben special....

1. Ben is resourceful. He has an intimate knowledge of the human body and its biomechanics. He used and abused his body when on tour as a pro drummer for the underground ‘Hardcore’ punk music scene. He kept straight edge sober and found fitness as a means to keep up with the endurance of the job.
When we train together, we are ideally outside, climbing trees, scaling boulders, crawling hills, and producing integrated partnered feats of neuromuscular strength and endurance. Every workout with Ben is safe and sound in science, and the most creative, raw, and outrageous experience of movement as art.

2. Ben is altruistic; a true giver. He gives his all in his classes and training sessions. He puts his body on the line so that you can make yours better. Not only does he keep up on all things fitness academia related, but he runs his own business, builds his community, networks with local farmers, nurtures his strong young family, supports his growing clientele, and I’m sure much, much more.

3. Ben is a leader. When you are in his company, you feel safe, looked after, cared for, and all the feelings you need to know you are in good hands. That may not be the first thing that pops to mind with the word ‘leader’, but I believe a true leader builds TRUST. When you trust in someone, you will follow them. Ben is a leader in the field of fitness in that his movement practice is different from main stream. He coaches connection through movement interaction. His signature exercises are executed with trust, communication, and quality. His teachings require that you simply ‘let go’ and listen.

This will be Ben’s 3rd year presenting at 2.0 as he is definitely 2.0 - “the next level”, in all regards.

Get excited for his integrative and interactive movement practice that’ll leave you high on life!