***Sunday, September 20th at 99 Sudbury. ****

Garnet Suidy.

“Movement is so much more than muscles, bones, abs, and asses”,
Movement brings new life to the body”,
“Movement is life”.

I first met Garnet at a dinner party and came eye to eye with someone I felt very intimidated by. Throughout the night, I could sense he was a deep thinker, very knowledgeable, intensely talented, and apparently he could move! Who was this new sensational guy that I’ve never met before!?!?  

It just so happens that he is THE Master Instructor for BodyArt in Canada, a certified Pilates Instructor, a retired National Level Competitive Figure Skater, and currently studying to become an Osteopath. Wow, with that background, anyone in the industry would feel intimidated! What a force!!!  

Sometimes it takes time to feel comfortable with someone. A rapport needs to be built, a bridge needs to be formed, and mutual understandings need to be met. Upon meeting Garnet, I never felt truly comfortable in his presence, though he taught me something about myself without having to say a word: he made me feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. Maybe I was confronted with someone so similar to me??? (I’ve been told that I’m a thinker, and that I’m intense, and that I can also move!) Highly similar beings are like walking mirrors that make you aware of everything, at times when you don’t want them to. They make you aware of things within yourself that you are intimidated by, or not certain of, or just don’t like. Garnet made me more aware of my insecurities and that allowed me to adjust and tune in to my own consciousness and presence.    

Now I know all of this may sound hokey pokey, and Garnet, if you are reading this, how crazy do I sound!?!?  But feeling someone’s energy isn’t new to us. We can feel someone’s positive or negative energy in the room without an exchange of words or glances. It’s just hardwired into us to FEEL. It affects our energy like an ever changing dance between energies. This constant flux of energy up and down, in and out, high and low, reflects the state of Equilibrium, the forces of Yin and Yang, and thus the relationship between people and all living things.   

Garnet will be presenting a segment of Bodyart which is functional, whole body movements inspired by Qi Gong, Yoga, Martial Arts, Pilates, dance and primal movements. Bodyart aims to balance the mind, body and spirit through movements that follow the principles of Yin and Yang. For those who have never experienced this hit phenomena born out of Europe 20 years ago, you are in for a treat ;)
(As you can tell from the description, and by knowing me, it’s no surprise that this is my favorite method of moving!)

Garnet will also be touching upon the fascinating but ‘matter of fact’ relationship between structure (what we are) and function (what we do).

I am so pleased to have Garnet present for 2.0 this year. His presence throughout the months of planning has been very refreshing. I hope everyone will feel the comfort of discomfort that he brings, as that my friends, brings change.