"The Bridge" 

I'm going to be writing a freestyle blurb about each of my presenters for this year's 2.0 TO event as a way to inform and share my connection with these beautiful influencers.

***Sunday, September 20th at 99 Sudbury. ****



I met Phil at the CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Certification Course in November 2014, held in Toronto. Our encounters were the most unassuming throughout the 3 days. We casually spoke about the days’ occurrences, a little shop talk, interests, photography, etc., nothing big, just natural, and without intention other than simply getting to know each other. When Paul Chek later introduced Phil to the crowd of 100+ students, my networking business side immediately came out unfortunately and FORTUNATELY! I thought Phil was a photographer hired by the faculty, commissioned to expand the company’s portfolio. Little did I know he was one of Paul Chek’s go-to-guys in Toronto! 

Fast forward a few weeks and I grew the courage to email Phil to meet in person. HE REMEMBERED ME AND AGREED! I was giddy!
This energy that I exuded at the time was so genuine and pure; it set the tone to my current friendship with Phil. When I look back, I think what a special opportunity it was to lock in some face time with someone so experienced in the field of study I am currently infatuated with. Learning about Phil’s highly influential impact on Toronto’s Granite Club as it’s manager for over 20 years, and the highly sought after coaching company he directs, I ironically grew to admire his humility more than his accolades. You would never know this guys’ influence and impact by simply chatting with him, he asks more about you and listens more to you, with no evidence of ego, no hint of pride, something rare in this day in age!  

Phil is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS), a CHEK Practitioner Level 4, an HLC Level 3, and a double major in Film and Kinesiology. By industry education, Phil is qualified to integrate many different modalities including traditional exercise prescription, mind-body fitness, soft-tissue therapies, alternative healthcare and orthopedic rehabilitation. The way I see Phil’s caliber of education and experience is incomparable to anything less than the top in the country. He is the most low-profile major influencer in Toronto, acting as “the bridge” (a name his buddies call him), to worlds apart.   

At this point of his career, I believe Phil is in major works on personal endeavors, but is secretly working on something big. At 2.0, we will be fortunate enough to see a glimpse into his mind, but a mind of thoughts truly catered to the crowd and the context of the event theme of ‘Equilibrium’. His presentation on “Back to Basics” will enlighten and stretch perspective, but also tell us exactly what we already know. I believe he will bring us back to earth so that we can connect with each other, and ground ourselves in mind, body, and spirit.