"Ms. Motivation"

I'm going to be writing a freestyle blurb about each of my presenters for this year's 2.0 TO event as a way to inform and share my connection with these beautiful influencers.

***Sunday, September 20th at 99 Sudbury. www.julianho.ca/2-0 ****

First up is MICHELLE CRISPE!!! My Opening Ceremony KEYNOTE SPEAKER. 

I love revisiting the memory of my brief but profound first encounters with Michelle. She was my personal training manager at The Yorkville Club Uptown many years ago. We connected immediately. She dished me clients like no tomorrow without question. She coached without coaching; led by example through her energy and confidence, and provided her staff confidence in themselves....she ninja'd us into self-empowerment, self-mastery, and self-reflection (yes, all of this in the 2 months of work at the club until she left for bigger and better things...had the feeling this bird needed to fly). 
Fast forward years of personal development, I dug deep into all the influential contacts in my life to help consult on my 2.0 endeavor. As I developed, they developed, and oh did Michelle fly far away from her PT management days. Michelle was soaring! Knowing me, I did my research and found out that Michelle was and currently is the celebrity fitness expert for‪#‎themarilynshow. Check out one of vids here: 
I had the balls to reach out to this now celebrity and she responded back with an unexpected and very kind and humble reply to meet in person. Even as I hold her in the highest regard, meeting her in person, I could sense this next level ora to her that I couldn't really explain. As if she was on cloud 9 24/7...refreshing to find someone practicing what they preach, walking their talk, and living their dreams. What made this connection out of this world was that she was accessible, open, and all ears about MY 2.0 idea! 
We have had a handful of meets over the year and I am proud to say we are working alongside one another on something very special. 
As we develop ourselves, we work on the "I". Yes, there is an "I" in TEAM. If there is no "I" in team, there is no team, there is no understanding of the self, there is no desire, goal, or dream that honors the principle of individualization. To formulate a deep sense of self identity, we need to formulate a dream/legacy. And with that, we need a "dream team". 
Michelle is a member of my dream team; my tribe. She is in my corner, a woman that I can trust, confide in, and collaborate with to make my dream come true. 
Michelle is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a bodybuilding champion, and a celebrity speaker and presenter. Check her out here: http://www.drmichellecrispe.com/
She will be sharing her thoughts on this year's theme EQUILIBRIUM, best practices to promote positivity, and exploring the power of mindsetting.