Third Presenter that I am profiling is Sylva Mischke.

"Accept the challenge ... taste victory."

This is at the bottom of every one of her emails. It is a personal mandate. It is a social projection. It is a mindset. It is Sylva.

When I first met Sylva, I, along with everyone she's probably encountered, felt intimidated as f***. Don't be mistaken though, this intimidation factor comes as an asset in our industry; there's no bullshit, there's no fluff, there's pure honesty, there's simplicity.

If you can "wear what you share" and "walk the talk", you have won half the battle. Doing it consistently for years on end is winning the other half.

You simply can't argue with consistent, sustainable results.

As I am getting to know Sylva more and more though, I've found a side of her that is very thoughtful, caring, and open-minded. Through some late night texts, to subbing classes for each other, to social media likes, to passerby moments in our gyms: Equinox and Ferris 360, to EDM music, to shop talk and shootin' the shit, our professional teamwork has definitely paved the way to a concrete camaraderie. Maybe I'm rubbing off on this female Terminator!!!

2.0's theme of 'equilibrium' is not only a word that describes a state of being, but also a word that teaches. When I asked my presenters to base their presentation on this word, to some it struck a chord, and to others, it made them think. When a word can evoke sensation manifested through thought or action, it enables learning.

Part of Sylva's success is her physical regimen. This is clearly evident via her creative and extremely helpful instructional-style instagram posts ... check her out >>>>>

Other parts to Sylva's physical success are her deep self-awareness, core values, and philosophy. As she says, "equilibrium needs to exist outside of the weight room as well. Through your diet, your mindset. Through work, rest, and play."

When I first met her, her words to me of "Work hard, play hard, but rest HARDER" have always stuck in my head. Those words made me realize how enlightened Sylva was.

At 2.0, Sylva will be delivering some signature Strengthonomics movements and will also offer insights to her life that will help us all understand the genesis of the force that is Sylva Mischke.

Not only is she an equilibrium-aware powerhouse, but an integral energy to our fitness industry.