Shifting from Summer to September and a poem called "Rather"


As the gloomy winds of change sweep the streets clean of summer, I take stock and purge. I swap from saying yes to saying no, from being everywhere to being just here, from thinking why not to what now?

There are times that I want to look back. There are moments I so badly want to relive. There are answers I still need to question, and questions I still need to answer. But I know there is solace in the shift, meaning in the momentum, and motive in the movement. There is reason to rise up, let go, and live on.

As I shift from summer to September, my spirit still clings to the marvels made under the sunshine. I am lured by the lust. I long for the love. But my soul is rationally reminded by the sadness of the sunsets. The ups had their downs. The highs had their lows. The cons outweighed the pros.  

As the season changes, I am naturally confronted with a desire to reflect. I write to release. I write when I’m lost. I write to get found. I start by letting go of what was then, so that I can shift to what will be. I needed to scribe this poem to shed some skin, to emote the elusive, and to honour the learnings from love.

On an aside, it’s interesting to see the seasonal switch. I’ve gone from Chance to Chet, iced coffees to hot teas, and getaways to grind away.
As is the haunting beauty of life.



Rather let go because of what it is than hold on to what it was.
Rather what it became than what it will become.
Rather because of this and that, than just because.
Rather grow, apart, than grow apart.
Rather break it than fake it.
Rather wake up than make up.
Rather get to than have to.
Rather by you than by me.
Rather for you than to you.
Rather it’s me than it’s you.
Rather fight me than forget me.
Rather us now than us never.
Rather us never than us maybe. 
Rather oh well than what if.
Rather to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.