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As a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Integrative Movement Practitioner, one that consults philosophy, psychology, and scientific principle first, before providing answers of guidance, I enjoy asking myself the deepest of questions without the expectation of an immediate answer. I believe the best questions encourage deep thought and introspection....i.e., "that's a great question, give me some time to get back to you", or "wow, never thought to ask that, I'm going to meditate on that".  

Sometimes the best of questions yield better questions and not answers. The best example I can think of is asking 'why?' three times, not just once, THREE times. Also, the fourth best question is asking 'why not?', because it usually prompts action rather than more thought. Questions should hopefully arouse energy, excitement, and justification for action. So here are my top 10 questions I've gathered from my study with the Chek Institute and my own personal clinical experiences with clientele, that have nudged thinking, feeling, and action all at the same time. I am sharing these questions I use in paid consultation because I find them to be such a great resource, they need not be withheld. My dream is that my work be known to help the greater good rather than just the privileged few.  

Use these 10 questions wisely. Create space in your schedule to truly immerse in the process. Revisit these questions every 6 months to a year. Remember, you get out what you put into it. 

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For assistance on how to approach this questionnaire, here's an interesting TED Talk that helps you better understand 'questioning'. It teaches us that 'how' we think is more important than 'what' we think; how we frame a question can elicit a better answer. When you understand that biases and beliefs may affect the authenticity of your answers, you become aware of your reactive thinking, and produce discerning, more rational thinking, with emotions held at bay. I know, this is a lot of pre-homework before the actual work, but it's worth it ... you're worth it ;)


  1. What do you dream about? (“I have a dream, that one day ...")
    What haunts you? ("I lose sleep over ...") 

  2. What gives you a sense of purpose? What gets you out of bed every morning?

  3. What will you be remembered for? What is your legacy?

  4. What do you love enough to change for? What are you passionate about? What do you do that makes you feel amazing?

  5. Describe 3 optimal environments that enable you to get into the zone, achieve a sense of flow, be at your best, and do your most meaningful work?

  6. Name 3 people that you would surround yourself with to help you on your journey?

  7. Describe a recent success that gives you hope for the future.
    Describe a recent failure that fuels your future.

  8. What are your greatest fears? What’s holding you back?

  9. What is the income you need to live your desired lifestyle?
    What other measure do you use to quantify/qualify your desired lifestyle?

  10. Who can you love becoming?

    Describe your ideal self:
    6 months from now
    1 year from now
    10 years from now

Lastly, here's a past blog that I wrote about 'thinking' as an action. A great follow up you can use after answering so that the next time you revisit your answers, you can assess the condition of your mind when you answered. We are what we eat, who we engage, and where we frequent.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's been a while since I've posted something. But I'm back on the writing wagon and it feels oh so good.