“Hungry for Change” - My Cole’s Notes

I have seen “Hungry for Change” three times now and each time I see it, I hate it more but I love it more.

The documentary delivers a mini story line that is extremely cheesy. It tries to appeal to yuppy women in their 20s and 30s. Extreme FAIL. I dislike the storyline so much that it makes me cringe and laugh and cry at the same time.

BUT, and a big BUUUT! The experts, who are success stories themselves, put out great points and takeaways, enough to keep me watching each and every time.

Below are my quick “cole’s notes” that I’d like to share.

Intro themes

We are no longer eating food, we are eating food like products

- Sugar is the cocaine of the free world

- People are overfed but starving to death

It’s not just what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you


- We are programmed to eat fat

- Holding fat is a survival mechanism

- Our most essential organs are made up of fat (e.g. the brain)

- MSG excites part of the brain that triggers fat uptake –> BAD

Hunter Gatherer Gardeners

- High nutrition, low calories

- We need to be more like them

Modern day “Gobblers”

- High calories, low nutrition

- In the past, we used to feast because there were many famines, nowadays, we feast but we do not experience famine


Everything is based on what you eat, what you drink, and what you think

- We eat products that make other people money

People live in invisible prisons of addiction

- Cigarettes and foods have addictive qualities – these industries purposely make chemical concoctions addictive


- We live in an indoor lifestyle, a sitting lifestyle

We have lost the will to maintain self-responsibility and put that reliance on therapists, doctors, and instructors

Diet Cola

- The worst thing for you – they are a nasty combination of highly processed, chemically altered, strategically composed, sugar and caffeine –> craving and addiction

- Pilots know not to drink Diet Colas because they can disrupt vision

- Diet colas cause carbohydrate cravings

- Diet cola manufacturers fund studies, and these studies are published. It is not a 3rd party producing these studies.


- Fat is not the issue – fat free means all sugar or carbohydrates

- Low fat diets make you constantly hungry – there are no healthy fats to keep you satiated

- White products are refined pharmaceutical versions of the natural plant based version

(e.g. Cocaine from Coca leaves, white sugar from sugar cane/beetroot)

- Stay away from high fructose corn syrup, stay away from isolated forms of sugars

- Common breakfast foods are loaded with sugar

- Fat does not make you fat, sugar makes you fat (insulin response)

- Beta endorphin rush to relieve stress

Sugar kills more people on this earth than any other drug on earth combined


Diets are temporary

Do you want to be healthy temporarily?

- Do you just want to look good temporarily?

- People are looking to just look good, changing themselves from the outside in…..approach needs to be from inside out

- People set themselves out for failure, variations of calorie manipulation, carb/protein/fat ratio manipulation

- Supermarket eating will force you to always be “dieting”

- Imagine we are living in a zoo, normally, our fellow chimps would be fed normal veggies and fruits they would find in the jungle, not captain crunch. We are not feeding ourselves food that we would be eating in our natural habitat, we are eating captain crunch.

Take away principles

- I can have it but I don’t want it

- Refrain from restricting

- Add in the good stuff and that will crowd out the bad stuff

- Add so much good that the bad won’t even be an option

Drown out the bad with the good