Overcoming Obstacles Is Conquering Fear

A few months ago, I wrote openly about my life long battle with Eczema, an autoimmune condition from the disease, Atopic Dermatitis. I regarded my skin disorder as a fear of mine because it limited me to my weakest self, I was afraid of it because I always felt conquered by it.

From the start of 2013, I aimed to take a stand. Through a combination diet of The Paleolithic and The Anti-Inflammatory (must respect the food), re-introduction of topical skin medication (must respect the Doctors), and a much stronger focus on sleep and stress management (must respect the physical body), I was not able to conquer it after all. I realized one such disorder could not be fully cured. It is a realization I stubbornly ignored my whole life; an opponent I was not willing to submit to, a fight I was not willing to back down from.

I realized that I experienced so much pain and displeasure not from the disorder, but from my stubborn attitude. My disorder was, and is still sometimes, a mirror to my own bad behaviors, an excuse to blame for my personal vices, and disrespect for my body for having such a genetic flaw. Ultimately, my Eczema can spiral downwards if my attitude, behavior, and desires are not controlled.

What most defines my character growth up to this point in my life is my ability to let go of the battle, free myself of this never-ending cycle of stress, and come to the peace that is acceptance.  Understanding the intricacies of my fear and how it can be managed gives me the freedom my mind and spirit struggle for. Accepting my Eczema in its natural state within my body allows me to gain control and focus on what can be done. I no longer cloud my mind with what I cannot do and what I am limited by, I take action.

I am writing this small follow up because it transitions into another example of conquering fears. In my case, I have controlled fear through the steady route of acceptance and gaining control. I have taken my time, put in the time, and measurably progressed towards a pinnacle of success. This process has taken months of in-depth intervention. Conquer, control, overcome; these are heavy-duty words that can describe gigantic life-changing events like mine, but sometimes, there are anomalies. There are short and sweet moments in life that truly amount to gigantic feats but in a small David-like instant.

I wanted to contrast my vast fear conquering journey with a tiny moment; seconds in length, that I am so proud to be a part of. The link to the video below shows how the action of overcoming obstacles and conquering fears can come in all shapes and sizes, in all lengths of time, and through each and every one of us. We simply need the courage, the determination, the discipline, and the attitude to be our own life coach.

Special thank you goes out to THE DEVASTATOR for trailblazing the path to excellence; overcoming obstacles and conquering fears, one jump at a time.