Vision Poem



I have a vision.
A premonition.
My soul's recognition.
For a new religion.
The need for progression,
Without perfection.
The need for expression,
Without obsession.
The need for affection,
Without deception.
And the need for question,
With time for reflection.

I have a vision.
A shared mission.
A course correction.
A “we”conception.
A new convention.
Perhaps an illusion.
A naive solution.
A premature evolution?

I have a vision.
Inspired by creation.
Guided by curation.
Achieved by connection.
A complex decision.
A new-age position.
A worthy revision.
But worth a listen.

I have a vision.
A strong suggestion.
To relieve congestion.
With heartfelt intention.
And soulful direction.
A global contribution.
Through Law of diffusion.
A Millennial revolution.
Without retribution.

I have a vision.
Universal integration.
Unique determination.
United destination.
Rooted in revelation.
Rallied with redemption.
Radical reformation.
A needed dissemination.

I have a vision.
A story of nonfiction.
When delivered with conviction,
It’s met without restriction,
Or any contradiction,
Because it’s not my decision,
It’s a world vision.
A cure for division.

The change of our nations,
Starts with variations,
Of these next level presentations.
With more iterations,
Of these 2.0 facilitations,
We deepen the correlations,
Of these loving sensations,
All for our future generations.