The Conclusion To My 100km Run

After a year long journey of training for my 100 km Great Canadian Sears Relay Run for kids cancer, honestly, at this moment, I am simply happy that it is in its full stage of completion.  To put it into perspective, my mind is only now able to rest without the thought of this 100k run. Every thing I ate, every workout I performed, every person I interacted with on a regular basis, every thought or decision I made revolved around this event. It’s not like I have abandoned all good habits and stopped training, I will never let go of these positive life changers. The weight of 100 km has been lifted from my shoulders, the pressure has melted, the nervous energy has dissolved, and the goal is now an achievement I can look back on proudly. This video will allow me to showcase to my friends and family the build up, the changes, and the adaptations I have made. But as I have mentioned in my video, this project is ultimately for me. I now have something tangible I can look back on. It is a glimpse into a small chapter of my life. It shows me my true potential. It is evidence that I got the most of my 25th year of living the life. Now onto the next chapter!