New Years Syndrome

As this first week into 2015 comes to an end, the contagious energy to become a better human being is at its highest. Gym determination to resolve life’s problems is back on top of the priority list. People seem to be sprinting out of the gates, forgetting that the Tortoise always ends up winning the race.

I am in the works of planning another Specialty Fitness Program for Rogers’ Employees and can’t help but be seduced by the momentum that everyone else is on. The turning of a new leaf seems to be the drug of choice. As to be expected, I would ride the wave and come up with workouts and exercises that hit while the iron is hot and produce a hard-core, metabolic, HIIT, power, and athletic-oriented program.

Do I go the easy route and just plan to KILL KILL KILL? Or dig a little deeper and KILL KILL KILL with care, with responsibility, with awareness, with education?
Truth be told, the momentum wave of 2015 has motivated me to clean up shop, but not in the physical KILL SPREE manner that most people are on, i.e., I have not resorted to hitting the gym hard-core.

Instead, I have said goodbye to my daily baked good and coffee. I have rid myself of the “oh I can eat anything because my metabolism is super high” attitude of the holidays. I have restocked all of my vitamins and supplements that support my Auto Immune Skin Disorder. I have said no to technology in the bedroom. I have definitely smartened up and “KILLED IT”, but not in the way that most ‘resolvers’ have been doing.

Smartening up can be understood and acted upon in many ways. So resorting to using and abusing exercise with ‘two-a-days’, signing up for a ‘cold-pressed juice cleanse’, and setting unrealistic ‘beach body/destination wedding’ goals and expectations, just to name a few clichés, are considered big rookie mistakes by now.

“When we eat correctly for our metabolic type, eat high quality organic foods, eat regularly to maintain our blood sugar levels in an optimal range, get to bed at a reasonable hour and learn to manage our stressors, the addition of an exercise program of any type becomes truly therapeutic and offers disease prevention.”

As Paul Chek advises, only until our sleep, diet, and stress are managed optimally, we can then commit to, and therefore reap the benefits of our hard-core exercise program.

How do I end this…. instead of clinking glasses to a new year of 2015, let’s cheers to 2014, hopefully people will take the time to learn from 2014 as we cannot control what happens in 2015.
Happy last year!