Let’s lose some FAT!

“Become a DETECTIVE, not a dieter.”
“Count your HORMONES, not your calories.”

Here is a great article I found that will change the way you think about weight/fat loss, if you are currently unsure. (note: article was published in 2012!!! Old news??? Not in the least!)

An old client asked to start working out with me again, hoping to get in some hardcore sessions as a “quick fix” so that she could be beach body ready, lose some weight around the midsection, gain that six-pack she’s never had.

What did I do? I sent her this link instead. Is this being uncaring?

In regards to coaching, I hope people catch on that empowering with self-education is the best way to encourage self-improvement. If I were to have given her what she wanted without going the educational route, I would be robbing her and robbing myself of the opportunity to make a difference. Rather than make a quick buck and receive a pat on the back for it, I chose integrity. If only all of us seize these opportunities….

Hopefully she reads and reflects….and then re-approaches!