Conquer the Cold

As my dad and I walked two blocks from my car to a lunch spot near his office, we could not sustain our conversation due to the bone chilling coldness.
It is those moments that beg me to question whether or not we should hibernate like bears, rather than fight the winter. Maybe it’s mother nature’s way of telling us to slow down, stay in, and relax. Unfortunately, in our productivity-based society, it would be unacceptable to hibernate. So, if that remains our fate, we must resort to intelligent and effective coping strategies to conquer the cold. Way below are 5 practices I commit to.

On another note, I have been back to writing since I undertook my “2.0” event planning and have found a great balance. My urge to write is less out of duty, and more out of therapy. Here are links to my updated website blog articles. You may have already read them from facebook or from a previous email. If so, please forward to friends and family that may be interested.

Here are some best practices I use to ‘CONQUER THE COLD':

1 – Nature vs. Nature Fabrics (e.g. Goose Down Puff Jackets)
Using leather, goose down feathers, and furs to cope with mother nature seems to work the best. To some, it may be seen as animal-cruel, but I see it as honoring the animals. I thank them every time I put on my pieces (I really don’t, but the thought has crossed my mind) :p

2 – Tech vs. Nature Fabrics (e.g. Winter Tights)
Using smart technology-backed fabrics are the ultimate for base-layering when performing outdoor activities like skating, skiing, snowshoeing, running, cycling, etc. Never layer with cotton as it will soak up moisture rather than wick it away.

3 – Consume as if you were sick with the flu (e.g. Ginger/Lemon/Mint Tea)
When we get sick, we consume things like hot tea, porridge, congee, pho, hot broth-based soup, etc. Why are these practices just reserved for when we are sick? Heating up from the inside out is the most efficient and effective way to condition your immune system. Just like we workout our musculoskeletal system, our immune system needs the endurance as well.

4 – Hygiene (e.g. Epsom Salt Baths)
At the end of a long day of teaching, I can’t wait to fill my bathtub with Epsom Salts, a few drips of Almond and Jojoba oil, and warm-hot water….with some candles to deepen the experience. I would have been remiss to have purchased my pre-construction condo with a ‘shower only’ option…how is this even an upgrade? Every time I finish the bath, I feel invincible. I feel physically detoxed, skin exfoliated and fresh, and my mind is meditative and calm.

5 – Hormonal (e.g. Cold Shower Finish)
Every morning I dunk my head under the tub faucet in cold water. After every hard workout, I spend 30 seconds bracing in cold water. I have started this practice in December and haven’t looked back. I find it extremely therapeutic. It wakes me up and offers relief from inflammation. I feel the most alive when I work out, and when I take cold showers….causation is an increase in circulation.

* Principle with heat development is “inside out”. Create heat internally and thus experience it externally.

** If you have other tips, please share with me!