The Holistic Fitness Adventures of my MOM! (Part 1 – The Wonder Years)

My mom, a late-comer to mindful fitness and nutrition, is slowly but exponentially getting INTO IT. We fitness coaches probably have something uniquely in common, family members that don’t practice what WE preach! The people that we love the most and spend the most time with sometimes ignore (or are ignored) when it comes to the things we are so passionate about: health, fitness, and nutrition! It may be that we tend not to preach to those close to us because we fear they will resent us for it or maybe that we are so tired from a day of preaching healthy that we just want to zone out from it! Therefore, a sensitive and creative approach is almost always required. I’ve been training my mom for years now on and off. You’d expect her to be superwoman (which she is) but not in that gym rat fitness freak kind of way. She has a lot to work on (so do we all), but movement has never come naturally to her. Years of conditioned habits, postures, and compensatory patterns take time to correct, let alone simply identify! Anyways, I like sharing the things my mom experiences because they always tend to have a genuine touch. It’s like watching the show The Wonder Years! (first show that popped into my head about growth and development…)

Lately, my mom has been working really hard at learning how to swim. I am so proud of her because I know how tough it is, and a nuisance as well! Highly uncomfortable and life-threatening if not focused. Her most exciting adventure is watching the documentary “FED UP”. I told her that I waited in deep anticipation for the premiere and totally geeked out with a super healthy dinner spread for that evening’s festivity. I learned a lot from that documentary, and I can proudly say it was one of many food docs that helped carve my holistic approach to fitness. Here are some of her take-away facts from this doc:· Exercise can’t decrease obesity alone, ban processed food and eat from nature every day.· TOFI = Thin Outside Fat Inside – thin people can be unhealthy too· It’s not just fat that causes obesity, it’s sugar· Sugar is in most processed food and cheeses· Sugar is as addictive as cocaine!· Sugar content % is not specified on food labels in North America.

Safe link. 1hr 35 min. Narrated by Katie CuricRated 4 stars by Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb
Enjoy the movie, and eat, move, and be healthy! Let me know your thoughts!