Lifestyle conditioning. Achieving balance in diet and exercise. Purpose and enjoyment. Endurance. Maintaining consistency and sustainability. Function over form. Movement mastery over muscle building. Confidence building through awareness and mindfulness.


Work with me cohesively, constructively and holistically to attain your physical and mental goals. Together, we will expose issues, educate and explore solutions.


Join my forward-thinking, non-traditional approach to group fitness. Tackle challenges with teammates. Share, socialize and collaborate fitness and nutrition, in and out of the gym. Strive to thrive as a tribe.



Equinox Bay Street 

  • Tuesday 12pm - Precision Running
  • Tuesday 1pm - Streamline Sculpt
  • Tuesday 5:30pm - Ropes and Rowers
  • Tuesday 6:30pm - Metcon 3 
  • Thursday 12pm - Precision Running
  • Thursday 1pm - Streamline Sculpt
  • Sunday 11am - 3SUM (Strength/Cycle/Core)

Equinox Yorkville

  • Monday 9:30am - Ropes and Rowers
  • Monday 7pm - Run Club (Starting July)
  • Wednesday 6:45pm - Metcon 3
  • Friday 5:30pm - The Pursuit (Indoor Cycling)
  • Saturday 11am - Metcon 3

Adidas at Totum

  • Thursday 7pm - Athletic Conditioning

Rogers Communications - Corporate Fitness

  • Monday 5:30pm - Mind Over Muscle 1.0

Ferris 360 

  • Friday 9:30am - Full 360 
  • Saturday 9am - Full 360

Jewish Community Centre (JCC), Bloor & Spadina

  • Monday 12pm - Functional Conditioning
  • Monday 1pm - Indoor Cycling
  • Friday 12pm - Functional Conditioning
  • Friday 1pm - Indoor Cycling


Adidas - Metabolic Conditioning Signature Series

  • Athleticon - Athletic Training
  • ABCD - Circuit Training
  • ATP - Interval Training
  • Primal - Animal Flow & Strength Training

METCON3 (Equinox Yorkville and Bay St)

  • Athletic HIIT with 3 types of equipment: dumbbells, sandbells, barbells, etc. (60 minutes)
  • Reputable as Equinox's hardest class
  • My favourite class to teach!

Ropes and Rowers (Equinox Yorkville and Bay St)

  • Athletic circuit training with rowers and battle ropes (45 minutes) 
  • Takes circuit training to another level
  • I love the team dynamic of this class!

Precision Running (Equinox Bay St)

  • Run interval training with treadmills (45 minutes)
  • Equinox's most successful signature program
  • My secret weapon for marathon training!

Streamlined Sculpt (Equinox Bay St)

  • Strength training with dumbbells (30 minutes)
  • My go-to program for weight training when strapped for time!

The Pursuit (Equinox Yorkville)

  • A gamification evolution of indoor cycling (30 minutes)
  • "Burn" Class is 5 stages, HIIT protocol 
  • The most intense and rewarding cycling experience in the country!

Restorative Conditioning (Not available at the moment)

  • Motor control training on the mat, myofascial ball massage and deep stretching (45 minutes)
  • I use the latest industry science to help you restore and rebalance yourself
  • I recommend this for the elite athlete, the non-exerciser and everyone in between!

3SUM (Equinox Bay St)

  • Row. Cycle. Yoga. (90 minutes)
  • A mini 'triathlon' for the weekend warrior
  • My cross training format of choice for those long cardio/heavy calorie-burning days!

JCC - Indoor Cycle

  • Ride to the pump up beats of EDM with strong structure and coaching (45 minutes)
  • I go wild coaching and DJing today's hottest electronic dance music tracks!

JCC - Functional Conditioning

  • Flow Yoga, QiGong, Primal Movement Patterns, Anaerobic cardio interval training, and flexibility
  • The most diversified teaching experience I deliver to the most diversified crop of students I've ever taught 

Rogers - Mind Over Muscle

  • Metabolic conditioning that challenges the body and mind (60 minutes)
  • You will work solo, in partners and in groups to conquer things you wouldn't do by yourself!

Ferris 360 - Full 360

  • The complete interval training experience using free weights, body weight and machine (60 minutes)
  • I use a harmony of science, structure and spirit to help you push the envelope!

90 Sumach - Circuit 60 (Not available at the moment)

  • A balanced interval training experience uniquely known to cater to all fitness levels (60 minutes)
  • You will learn to use a wide array of fitness equipment: bungee tubing,kettlebells, slam balls, battle ropes, agility ladders, lacrosse balls, etc.


A new passion of mine is hosting fitness events, from corporate settings to my flagship annual event, 2.0 TO — where game-changers within the Toronto fitness and wellness community collaborate to share their craft and passion for a deeper philanthropic purpose.


2.0 TO Highlights (2013 + 2014)


Keynote Presentation for ILCO (Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario)
"Mind Over Muscle: Fitness as my Vessel" (2016)

Mindful Movement Workshop for the Rogers Women's Network
"Productivity Through Physical Activity" (2015)

In the end, it’s not about the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

— Abraham Lincoln