Lifestyle conditioning. Achieving balance in diet and exercise. Purpose and enjoyment. Endurance and Grit. Maintaining consistency and sustainability. Function over form. Movement mastery over muscle building. Confidence building through awareness and mindfulness. Self-efficacy through self-monitoring. Physical literacy. Nutritious movements. Physical autonomy.


Work with me cohesively, constructively and holistically to attain your physical and mental goals. Together, we will expose issues, educate and explore solutions.


Join my forward-thinking, non-traditional approach to group fitness. Tackle challenges with teammates. Share, socialize and collaborate fitness and nutrition, in and out of the gym. Strive to thrive as a tribe.



A passion of mine is curating elevated fitness experiences, from corporate settings to my flagship annual event, 2.0 TO — where game-changers within the Toronto fitness and wellness community collaborate to share their craft and passion for a deeper philanthropic purpose. See the work we've done as Health and Fitness Advocates of Toronto on the website.



Keynote Presentation for ILCO (Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario)
"Mind Over Muscle: Fitness as my Vessel" (2016)

Mindful Movement Workshop for the Rogers Women's Network
"Productivity Through Physical Activity" (2015)

In the end, it’s not about the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

— Abraham Lincoln