"I am an agent of positive change. I approach holistically. I teach multi-disciplinary. I lead with education, experience, and example. I hope to help you become more authentically you."

Julian approaches fitness and health holistically. He believes in achieving and managing a harmony of the body, mind, and spirit in a highly organized manner. He is a multi-sport athlete, a multi-certified coach, an entrepreneur, and an ultramarathon champion. In order to be innovative, creative, and curious, Julian invests his time and energy experiencing a wide array of life's cultural offerings: food, fashion, design, music, art, architecture, and film. Julian endorses a system of experiential learning. He aims to live life through the lens of positive psychology through its PERMA model (Positive-emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement). He hopes to develop a higher level of functioning and performance through the 5 factors of adaptability: variability, versatility, tolerance, flexibility, and resilience.     

Libra (zodiac) | Tiger (Chinese Astrology) | ENTJ (Myers-Briggs) | born a twin!

"To be able to run, bike, lift, yoga, climb, and dance all in one day with the widest range of people and environments is truly a gift. I am grateful to be able to connect deeply with people as a career. I hope that my mission to teach holism and mindfulness through the vessel of fitness resonates with my community, and echoes as an example for years to come."



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Twitter - @ohnailuj


  • Programming, developing, consulting, and coaching fitness experiences for Equinox, Torq, Health Systems Group, Ferris 360, Adidas, 2.0 Toronto
  • Learning via
    • Certification Courses - Institute of Motion, Yoga Detour 200HR Teacher Training
    • Reading entrepreneurial and self-development books such as Three Challenges, Waking Up, The Old Man and the Sea,  
    • Watching Ted Talks, and youtube channels such as The School of Life, The Nerdwriter, and 
    • Listening to podcasts such as The Tim Ferriss Show, Ted Radio Hour, and How I Built This
  • Training for upcoming race:
    • Full Ironman Triathlon, Mont Tremblant (August 2017)
    • Supplements: Morning - Omega 3, Probiotic, Tumeric, Vitamin D | Evening - Magnesium, BCAA's
    • Eating - Rotational Diet | Typical Breakfast - Eggs, Avocado, Kimchi, cooked kale, Nut butter toast | Typical Mid-Morning Snack - Americano, Muffin | Typical Lunch - Kombucha tea, Left-Overs/Sandwich & Salad | Typical Mid Morning Snack - Smoothie/Cold-Pressed Juice, Trail Mix | Typical dinner - Cooked vegetables, Grilled Fish, Rice
    • Hydrating - Electrolytes, Alkaline Water, Green Smoothies, Kombucha Tea, Four Sigmatic Mushroom Tea
    • Sleeping - 6-8 hours
    • Exercise - Morning Hang & Breathing, Mid-Morning Yoga/Mobility, Early-Afternoon Endurance Training, Late-Afternoon Heavy Linear Loaded Training (Deadlifts, Front Squats, Bench Press, Cable Pulls), Evening Metabolic Conditioning 3D Loaded Training (Plyometrics, Warding, Sub-Max Loading), Late-Evening Endurance Training (Bike/Run/Row) 
  • Creating and curating workshops for 2.0 Toronto, a holistic fitness event series 
    • Actively corresponding with 2.0 cast and crew, 2.0 workshop affiliates, facility owners/managers, social media influencers, 2.0 ambassadors, sponsors, food vendors/sponsors, charity coordinators  
  • Spending time with family and friends
    • Partaking in cultural activities: music festivals/concerts, culinary adventures, sporting events, and art exhibits
    • Movie-going, Netflix
    • Travelling 


    • Bachelor of Arts, Honors Specialization in Kinesiology
      The University of Western Ontario (UWO)
    • Certified Kinesiologist (CK)
      Ontario Kinesiology Association (OKA)
    • Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS) Certification
    • Group Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) Certification
    • Equinox Signature Program Group Fitness Instructor  
      Metcon 3, RX Series, Shockwave, Whipped, Stacked, Equinox Training Camp, Indoor Cycling, Precision Running, Ropes and Rowers, The Cut, The Pursuit
    • Certificate of Insurance Policy (#SGP401695-64354)
      Stevenson & Hunt
    • Health & Movement Coach 
      The Institute of Motion (IOM)
    • Yoga Instructor 200HR
      Yoga Detour
    • Chek Holistic Health & Exercise Coach
      - Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC) 
      - Exercise Coach (EC)
      - Program Design Training
      - Scientific Back Training
      - Scientific Core Training
      The Chek Institute
    • Indoor Cycling Instructor
      Schwinn Fitness, Nautilus Institute
    • Indoor Running Coach
      Precision Running, Equinox
    • Cpr Certification/AED Level A
      Red Cross




    2012-2017 2.0 Toronto
    Dollars Fundraised for Charity


    2017 Half Ironman
    Victoria, British Columbia

    80 KM

    2015 North Face GoreTex
    Endurance Challenge


    Toronto Goodlife Marathon
    2014 Pacer Bunny

    Toronto Scotiabank Marathon
    2014 Pacer Bunny


    2013 50 mile Ancaster Sulphur Springs Ultra Trail Marathon, 3rd Overall

    100 KM

    2012 Sears Great Canadian Ultra Run for Kids Cancer, Toronto to Collingwood
    (1st 100k Finisher, 10:45)


    125 KM 

    2016 Canadian Death Race


    2015 Muskoka 56k
    Ultramarathon Champion
    (5:26 - Course Record)

    2014 Muskoka 56k
    Ultramarathon Champion

    2013 Muskoka 56k
    Ultramarathon Champion


    2013 10k Sporting Life (Personal Best)


    2012 56k Muskoka Limberlost Ultra Trail Marathon, 3rd Overall

    2.0 TO

    Holistic Fitness Collective (Founder)

    1st Place

    2016 Yorkville 5k

    6 days

    2012 50 mile
    Apu Ausangate, Peru
    (5200m Altitude)

    2010 50 mile
    Tour de Mont Blanc, France
    (4800m Altitude)


    2012 30k Hamilton Around the Bay
    (Personal Best)

    45 bpm

    Resting Heart Rate

    2:51 (PR)

    2015 Ottawa Marathon (2:50:30)
    2011 Boston Marathon (2:51:45)


    7 Day Fundraising Raised for Chicago's
    Urban Initiatives Charity in 2015

    “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it,
    move with it, and join the dance.”
    - Alan Watts

    Photography by Jeremy Benning