2.0 Master Workshop #2 @ Misfitstudio

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2.0 Toronto 2016 - MAY graphic C.png
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2.0 Master Workshop #2 @ Misfitstudio


Sunday, May 29, 2:00-4:00PM
761 Queen St. West

3rd Floor
(647) 271-9037 

  • Paid Parking found on Queen St.

  • Showers and changing facilities available

  • Bring proper workout attire, water bottle, towel (yoga mats provided)

  • No footwear (class to be done in socks or barefeet)

  • Included:
    - Recovery Fuel
    - Recovery Fluid (smoothies and/or juices)  

  • Waiver release form to be signed upon arrival

  • Tickets available at door (while supplies last)

FUSION description by the creator Amber Joliat:

"FUSION was birthed out of the desire to be moved. Rooted in Yoga, Informed by Pilates and Inspired by Dance, this class is a gospel, as close to spirit as one can get

Believing we are all dancers, Amber encourages each student to connect to the intrinsic pulse, moving the entire body in rhythm an flow, in a sea of beating hearts, a sensation of true connection!

The benefits of FUSION is a mind, body, soul werk-out

Physically exhausting the entire body, lifting and lowering the heart-rate while in CONSTANT movement, this class is sure to satisfy the desire to sweat. Your core will be lit up from Abdominal work, fuelling the body from the inside out. The shoulders and muscles of the arms vigoursously work to hold and support body weight all while plies, lunges and squats sufficiently strengthen the lower body. A deep satisfaction once the hour is over hummms in the body.

FUSION is a time to commit to yourself, a deeply spiritual practice where ritual, dance and physical exhaustion free the mind to clear, and intuition to take over."


BODYART description:

"The goal of bodyART™ is to increase overall strength and flexibility, improve your balance and increase your core strength while balancing your bodies’ energies. Using therapeutic based, yoga inspired and traditional exercises, bodyART™ challenges your body as a whole. Theses classes re-energize you by focusing on yin and yang movements, polarity movements, and breathing."

Strong points from The Goods owner Lisa Labute:

  • We believe in the power of food to heal and strengthen us from the inside out. 
  • We believe in beautifully prepared artisanal food, handmade one whole ingredient at a time. 
  • We believe in making good food accessible and quick.
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