The sign of Summer’s end is September. The change of season has been clearly evident in Toronto, with a drastic drop in temperature, a dreary grey, and yet a newfound daily determination, similar to that of the rise of each new year. To me, the fall season represents change, but a patient change. A departure from frolicking fun in the hot summer sun, to the arrival of push, go, but grow. It’s harvesting time, a surrender to what was, and a surge towards what’s coming, but a sensitivity to what’s now. Typically, the faster we let go, the easier we’ll move forward, the less we look back, the more attention we give to what’s ahead. Generating forward momentum requires pre-meditated pacing, and with that, the time and space to clear, cleanse, and declutter. Let September be about editing the people, places, and things that hold us back, weigh us down, and no longer push us forward nor build us up. What you conceive this month depends on what you conceded to last month. Acknowledge the series of events that are shaping your current story of September, and remind yourself that this September is just a single start to a lifelong series of Summer ends. Embrace the challenge of the change, because there is no change without the challenge.

Here are 6 sections: 1. New frontiers, 2. Audio: podcasts, 3. Video: training tips, 4. Healthing, 5. Training update, and 6. Culture. An 8:00 minute skim or a solid longform binge. Choose your own journey. Enjoy at your own pace.




As increased growth and maturity naturally occur from dedication, hard work, and consistency, my involvement in the Toronto fitness industry has luckily progressed steadily and successfully. The ability to be brand agnostic in Toronto is a wonderful privilege. It has enabled a unique career freedom that allows for meritocratic exploration of breadth and depth. As a result of this open governance, I have been able to see into many worlds, and impact Toronto fitness culture with broad strokes of positive contribution towards its diverse communities, consumers, and peers. I am so grateful that there are no limitations on how my role shifts or takes shape, except for those that are self-imposed. At the moment, my desire to be in the spotlight instructing/coaching is being overtaken by my natural progression to being behind the scenes directing/designing. Therefore my involvement within the industry this year has been all about shape shifting. Whatever happens as a result of this transformation will be incredible. Just know that my duty and responsibility to provide for Toronto fitness/wellness/health will always remain.


As companies like Hilton, Google, Cisco, and Salesforce continue to top the charts as best companies to work for, they lead the charge in workplace wellness innovation. They understand the holistic psychology of retention, engagement, teamwork, and stress management. They allocate as many resources and budget to people as they do products and services. There is no company without the cast and crew, and there is no growth in cast and crew without a healthy culture. My dive into corporate culture this year has come in the form of integrating the hardware with the software; merging tools with techniques, space with design, platforms with programming, connection as the new currency, and productivity with deeper purpose. My new trajectory has led me to consulting companies on better curating workplace wellness, developing programs that improve personal performance and peer to peer engagement, and how concepts of ‘the 3rd space’, ‘work-life integration’, and ‘EQ over IQ’, are valued/applied in today’s corporate society.

If interested in booking an experience for your company, or just want to dive deeper, feel free to connect!


Designing, directing, and developing holistic health programs for individual clients are one thing, but doing so for the hotel and hospitality industry is a whole different ball game. I am here in front of BEI Hotel San Francisco, a modern boutique hotel located in the mid-market, with two of my program curators Alex Ho and Nkechi Njaka, (Lydia Hryshchyshyn missing). We are endeavoring towards ‘catalytic innovation’ rather than just ‘industry disruption’. “As a social entrepreneur focused on leveraging capitalism to accelerate social impact, I’m most interested in disruptive innovation as it applies to improving the world.” - Clayton Christensen. Thanks to Mr. Christensen’s words for giving me footsteps to forge along. This San Francisco project is just the start and the surface to other developments I will be sharing in months to come, so stay tuned!

If you’re ever in San Francisco and in need of a place to stay, do not hesitate to let me know so that I can ensure BEI Hotel welcomes you with open arms ;)




On behalf of 2.0 Toronto, the following presenters all gathered to speak at the Canfitpro annual conference. We live podcasted on the theme of Time and Space as it relates to our areas of expertise via an experimental version of a panelist presentation. Each presenter moderated a section of the 90 minute presentation to provide the audience a different take on how each holds space for the others. A truly next level performance.
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1. Tyler Sammy (Technology & the Future of Educational Vehicles)
2. Lauren Howe (Post Miss Universe Canada & Managing Identity)
3. Paluna Santamaria (Beyond Movement Polymathy)
4. Nsuani Baffoe (Neo-Leadership & Emotional Intelligence)
5. William Greenblatt (Conscious Communication)
6. Cecily Milne (Integrative Movement Practice and Preventive Healthcare)


The 2.0 Mastermind Podcast is a pilot series that will feature key opinion leaders and subject matter experts from a variety of industry sectors and disciplines. We will unpack our journey to becoming "2.0 - next level” by confronting the realities we face on that journey, and aim to be as vulnerable as possible during the process. You will hear real time stories of hardship and adversity, and by the end of the episode, as a Mastermind group, we’ll be able to help each other find silver lining solutions, and come away with a deeper sense of compassion, humility, and hope.
2.0 is a laboratory platform for professionals to try out innovative material and collab with innovative people via innovative methods. More importantly, a place to share our minds with our hearts.
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1. Jamie Snow (Fitness Leader)
2. Brandon Rynka (Motivational Speaker)
3. Cassandra Hope (Nutritional Therapist)
4. Andrew Parr (Pro Golfer)
5. Nsuani Baffoe (Business Director)



Kinesiotherapy - movements that matter for health and performance, on and off the court.
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I create these ‘3D Stretch’ videos because they encourage me to integrate my education with exploration. They mashup my need to express art and science performatively.
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Back to basics. Less is more. These exercises are what I’ve used to help maintain lower body conditioning for Ultra running. Great for anywhere, and anytime.
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In fitness, we are the mad scientists and the lab rats. Here’s a video that took much more out of me than I had imagined. To all my students reading this, I hope you enjoy this self-infliction. Hehe. (cue Mr. Burns’ excellent)
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The above are cultural leaders at the forefront of their fields. They have plenty of answers to offer the world, but what intrigues me about these professional friends of mine, is their aptitude for QUESTIONING. Here is a value-driven blog rooted in curiosity, intrigue, and utility, where questions receive the spotlight. Whether the answers jump out at you immediately, or take time to process, they underline the importance of framing Q&As with time, space, and relevance.

CARING (over content & context) IS KING
Innovation is my current obsession. It’s what my current work requires of me. It’s what my current career trajectory expects of me. Innovation therefore seems to be my natural calling. Where I’m getting lost in my transition from less heart-centric personal coaching to innovative corporate consulting, is the balance of viability and feasibility over desirability. To me, innovation in coaching and consulting is the CARING. The content established from years of technical expertise, combined with the contextual framework of business experience, are of no transformative value without the vital essence of care. Without care, value from innovation just becomes transactional, lifeless, and unfortunate. Lest we not forget to align our heads with our hearts in order for our endeavors to better humankind.



Looking back at my race lineup and now standing atop the accomplishment is undescribable and unsettling. I’m currently experiencing a processing paralysis, withholding me from restarting a new pursuit, but perhaps for the better. The feeling of aspiration comes and goes in phases and stages. We all have our motivated days and in-need-of motivation days. To bathe in true victory, stand proud in glory, and immerse in fulfillment is a feeling that is forever fleeting. I experienced it for a few minutes while soaking my broken legs in a cold mountain river, the day after my 120 mile ultra. That fleeting sense of fulfillment is what calls the crazies back each and every time. We are addicts to the drug of self-actualization. But this time, I’ve reached a new high I don’t know how to come down from. Like climbing a tree so high that you forget you have to eventually come down, but in realizing, you’ve already reached the point of no return. I can’t go back to claiming true victory from race distances I’ve completed before, nor do I want to repeat what I’ve accomplished this year, I think I’ve hit that point of no return. The hardest part about this phase of de-training is that I’m afraid to look forward at what’s beyond.

For now, the uncertainty is what remains certain, so I’m going to trust in that, because that uncertainty has consistently pushed me beyond boundaries I never knew were there.



The podcasts above are those that are currently developing my spiritual understanding, holistic health psychology, aptitude for social wellbeing, and range of physical potential. With access to these resources, it is a no brainer to take advantage of them and gather as much information as possible. But in stockpiling the lessons and learnings, they end up taking up much more brainstorage than I can handle. So to improve the efficiency of my consumption, I am exploring organizational methods to better utilize and apply all of these golden nuggets. I am following David Allan’s Getting Things Done approach for workflow productivity, and asking each of my incoming learnings, “is it actionable”?

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”

An eclectic mix of my new favorites for the fall. From remix updates on throwbacks like Whitney & Kygo’s “Higher Love”, perfect for a ‘get up and go’ morning, and David Guetta’s club banger remix of Avicii & Chris Martin’s “Heaven”, to brand new athletic sounds from Australian trio Rufus du Sol and UK drum and bass standout Rudimental. I’ve found myself seeking familiar sounds from unfamiliar aliens-to-the-genre, like Icelandic rock group Kaleo, pulling Kings of Leon-esque vocals, to the refreshing Slchld, a R&B/Soul Korean vocalist from Vancouver, and Zayn’s oh so cheesy take on Disney’s A Whole New World (which takes fans back to familiar brit boy-band territory). I’m intrigued with how music is not just created for listening, but curated for experiencing. What alien-to-genre artists are topping your playlists? Would love to hear what you feel! So send me some of your favs!


Thank you for your time and attention. Would love to hear from you. Email me anytime. Next newsletter update will come in the winter season.

As you are mine, I am yours. With love and qi.