What do I know about love?


Love is tough. Love can be rough.
Love takes more than it gives.
Love breaks more than it builds.
Love hurts more than it heals.
Love harms more than it helps.
Love kills more than it keeps.
Love wrecks more than it reaps.
But what do I know about love?


Love is real. Love can heal.
Love smoothens the shaky waters.
Love broadens the narrow rivers. 
Love expands the tightest creaks.
Love softens the sharpest peaks.  
Love heightens the dullest foods.
Love lifts the lowest moods. 
But what do I know about love? 


Love unwinds. Love binds.
Love wilts. Love builds.    
Love passes. Love lasts. 
Love lingers. Love triggers. 
Love is pain. Love is gain. 
Love is pity. Love is witty.
Love is gone. Love is won. 
But what do I know about love? 


Numbness makes us feel.
Hurt makes us heal. 
Guilt makes us give.
Loss makes us live.
Pain makes us care.
Shame makes us aware. 
Deceit makes us trust. 
To love is how we must.  

But what do I know about love?