“A Timeless Perspective for 2017”, is where I candidly shared my current state of mind by reflecting on my upsides and downsides of 2015 and 2016. As a way to better process what was needed of me to move forward into 2017, I took the blog’s 3 categories (Reflection, Reassess, Reframe), and expanded on them by setting new year resolutions to each. In order to realize my resolutions, I needed to pair them each with a follow up action. All too often we put an idea out but don’t follow up with how to actualize it. Hence why I believe resolutions are empty promises, blank statements, and white lies, until an actionable behavior is attached. Since we know that actions speak louder than words, actions are effective forcing functions that breathe life into resolutions. Below are my resolutions and actions that may act as suggestions to inspire. Please use mine as a template example of how to process yours.    


    Resolution - Appreciate old experiences and how they’ve served your growth up to this point.

    Action - I will take 10 minutes on the weekend to go through videography and photography of my 2.0 Toronto Holistic Fitness Events, view them with gratitude and appreciation, without judgement or criticism.  

    (Click the links below to view the history of 2.0 Toronto videos)
    2.0 Toronto 2012 (The prequel to it all! Funds raised for Sears Kids Cancer Foundation)
    2.0 Toronto 2013 (Inaugural Annual for Humber River Hospital Foundation)
    2.0 Toronto 2014 (Second Annual @ Mattamy Athletic Centre for Rogers Youth Fund)
    2.0 Toronto 2015 (Third Annual @ 99 Sudbury for The Stop Food Community Centre)  
    2.0 Toronto 2016 (Fourth Annual @ The Extension Room for CAMH)

    Resolution - Be patient with your default patterns, conditioned behaviours, and biases. Provide them time to reset and reprogram and appreciate what they’ve allowed you to accomplish.

    Action - To become inspired and refreshed, I will converse with peers on the weekly with regard to teaching tips, new learnings, and obstacle manoeuvres.

    Resolution - Reorganize the time you spend according to how you spend it and who you spend it with. Listen to those that speak to you with tough love. Learn from those that challenge you. Love those that support you no matter what.

    Action - I will attend two classes a week, not of my own, one that puts me out of my comfort zone and another that allows me to thrive in my comfort zone, for the months of January and February.

As a participatory activity, I’d like you to state your top 3 new year resolutions and attach a follow up action to each. Share them with someone to enhance your adherence.
(Take a pause on reading and give yourself the opportunity to go deeper).

IN A NUTSHELL #2 - Set resolutions that sound as if they came from a parent or a mentor. They are the best teachers because they know you the best and aren’t afraid to tell it to you straight. Pair that resolution with an action and write it out in the first person. Be specific and simple to avoid any chance of not doing them. Once you have your resolutions and actions decided, share them to enhance adherence levels, and schedule them in as they relate to the context of your life. Give them a chance to work with the other priorities in your life. Ideally, these resolutions and actions will complement rather than compete.