DEAR 2016

By letting go of 2015 you empower 2016. 

Cypress Mountain overlooking Vancouver Skyline

Cypress Mountain overlooking Vancouver Skyline

Here are some beautiful resolutions that I am pondering:

  1. Cultivate honorable relationships
  2. Resist absentminded busyness
  3. Make room for "fruitful monotony"
  4. Refuse to play the perfection game
  5. Master the art of loving
  6. Choose understanding over judgment 
  7. Make use of your suffering
  8. Use discipline to catalyze creative magic
  9. Walk your own path
  10. Celebrate enoughness

(Above list is from my favourite source of writing and reading inspiration, Brainpickings' Maria Popova) 
Which ones resonate with you? Why do these speak to you? How will you approach resolving them?   

As most of you know, I have broadcasted my winter holidays on social media with the intention of broadening while deepening my connection to all of those I interact. 

I am learning that the leader I can love becoming is someone that is down-to-earth, courageously vulnerable, and a man of action. 

3 quotes that are nurturing my growth:

  1. "When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." - Marcus Aurelius
    - Being down-to-earth is being rational, balanced, and appreciative. While on vacation, I rose every morning feeling privileged. That allowed me to appreciate each breath, each thought, each event, and each person that generously spent time with me.
  2. "To love at all is to be vulnerable." - C.S. Lewis
    - Loving things, loving places, and loving people is having the courage to let go, to surrender, and to risk. I have difficulty showing weakness, I judge myself for it, but I am beginning to feel this less and less when I surround myself with others that embrace imperfection, exude patience, and exemplify courage without words.  
  3. "Opportunities multiply as they are seized." - Sun Tzu
    - Last year, my actions expressed my priorities. As a result of this, opportunities have multiplied. This year, I want my actions to express my authenticity. I want to live this year not for the opportunities, but in honor of opportunity.  

I am excited and energized for the year ahead. With my trips to Northern Ontario and British Columbia under my belt, I am fueled with inspiration and aspiration. 

For 2016, I will be driven by ...

  • AUTHENTICITY as fuel, not Adversity as fuel
  • CONTRIBUTION, not Career
  • FAITH, not Hope
  • SINCERITY, not Success
  • PASSION, not Power
  • ATTITUDE, not Altitude or Fortitude 
  • LEGACY building, not Dream chasing

May you find some comfort, insightfulness, and encouragement in my words. 

Thank you for reading.