Clicking: Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally

Here are my notes from the book CLICK by Ori and Rom Brafman

Magic matters – clicking requires magic, serendipity, and perfect timing – we simply need to put ourselves out there and open up to these opportunities.

The power in vulnerability – our willingness to risk being vulnerable can deepen the quality of our relationships and make us more likely to connect with others.

A few feet make miles of a difference – the smallest distances play a major role in determining who we click with, we need to recognize this and focus not on what is in the distance and future, but what is right in front of us and the present.

Being in the zone helps us create resonance and allows others to be drawn to us. Pay attention, listen, observe, reach out, and take their emotional temperatures.

Similarity: quantity trumps quality – find similarities like you find eggs during an easter egg hunt. It’ll help create a bond and intensify it.

Environmental factors – overcoming challenges or adversity can help to stimulate or encourage clicking.

“Self-monitors” are people who instinctively modulate their emotions to match and meet others emotionally – be a self-monitor and be aware of others and take mental notes, it will pave way to deeper connections.

Being with people we click with makes us perform at a higher level – increased willingness, openness, honesty helps increase productivity.

Clicking can be magical. It can change the nature of a relationship not only in that moment, but forever. It can help us achieve our best selves.