Mind Over Muscle 2.0

Created to showcase the enjoyment, effectiveness and advantage of team-work over solo-work through competition and cooperation.

...To offer multi-dimensional variety, in hopes of sparking creativity in movement not just in the gym (on the court), but also beyond the gym (off the court).

...To stimulate curiosity about one’s mind-body connection and how to continually value it, respect it, and optimize it.

...To encourage positive lifestyle habits through soft coaching, leadership by example, co-coaching via social media, and communal assignments.

MOM 2.0 was born out of my yearning to go above and beyond not only as a trainer and instructor, but as a lifestyle coach. I am passionate about sharing what I learn and experience because there is so much life value to holistic health, fitness, and nutrition. With MOM 2.0, I had the freedom to apply new teaching techniques and skills, I had students that were open-minded and patient, and I received immediate feedback. This teaching environment motivated me to be innovative, creative, and strategic with each lesson plan. MOM 2.0 made me want to be a better coach.


I aim to experiment with industry-leading, forward-thinking training techniques, and alternative methods of cuing and coaching. I hope to redefine the delivery of “group fitness” programming with an unconventional approach to group dynamics, movement and body management. Due to the experimental nature of this class, my teachings are not 100% tried, tested, and true. Know that you are my focus group, my dependents, my liberators, and my success stories.

The purpose of this program is to offer an experience that delivers challenge, excitement, reflection, and ultimately, change.


As my MOM 2.0 following grew stronger in volume and energy, I became more accountable to each and every one of my teachings. My lesson plans no longer stemmed simply from the latest exercise trend and technique, but additionally stemmed from the latest philosophy, quote, or article that was rousing my mind. With MOM 2.0, I was able to educate through fitness; teach life lessons using fitness as the platform for delivery.

Within this written documentary, as a means to provide insight to the MOM 2.0 experience, I have provided excerpts of my correspondence to my students.


For this sequel set of classes, I would like you to wrap your minds around the act of refinement, focus on the details, practice the art of mastery, appreciate the smaller things, further yourcraftsmanship, think outside the box, and learn that you still have a lot to learn.

I would like you to bring your open mindedness, set your font to bold and be confident, and come with an empty stomach, figuratively, be hungry to work hard.

They say you are what you eat, but can you eat the way you want to be? We eat what is available to us. We eat according to our social activities. Do you eat according to your goals? Do you eat according to your ideal optimal lifestyle?


As much as coaching should be about the students; I was learning from them as much as they were learning from me. My philosophy: I strive to be a teacher as much as I dedicate to being a student. MOM 2.0 has taught me more about myself than any class I have taken, any lecture I have listened to, and any workshop I have attended.

The spotlight that shines on a coach is apparent, but during a game, the coach steps into a different role, one that is behind the scenes, out of the spotlight. As a ‘mediator’, the coach can observe, appreciate, be mindful, and learn from the participants and the game that they play. The full 60 minute class transforms into an organic learning process.

What I have been taking away from these 2.0 sessions is my enjoyment of being a coach that mediates; admiring the players playing, while still guiding softly. This ability gives my career meaning and purpose.


Introspectively, MOM 2.0 has been transformational. Changing the way people think about health and fitness through structured actions and classes is truly “next level”, aka “2.0”. In this case, thoughts have influenced actions. The glimpse of what comes next is through MOM 2.0’s curtain call. In this case, the team’s last bow comes in the form of an action that influences thought.


I have always thought of “2.0” as the next level in fitness; faster, stronger, smarter, and tougher. But as I grew to understand what people took away from each class, it was beyond skill building and technical mastery, it was life enhancement and positive change.

As your coach, I have made a gift in your honour to Right To Play. Words cannot describe the power of what we have created. At its simplest, we are a group of adults playing together! Having this right to play is something I am grateful for, hence why I have decided to donate to this charitable organization. It is through this philanthropic action that the legacy of our Team Mind Over Muscle 2.0 will continue to echo throughout our lives and beyond.

I am honoured to have been able to lead you through this beautiful journey.

Continue to 2.0.


The way we interpret holistic fitness and health is truly ‘Mind Over Muscle’. The way we motivate ourselves to get out of what we put in is truly a ‘2.0’ effort.

“Love of humanity”, “what it is to be human”, and “private initiatives, for public good, focusing on quality of life” are definitions of philanthropy. This is ‘3.0’.

As one chapter ends and another one begins, I end off with a new and improved send off,

Act 2.0, Think 3.0,