Julian’s 2.0 Holistic Fitness Event


This video showcases the accumulation of my career efforts. It represents my life’s work thus far. Though small, grassroots, organic and humble, this single drop, into the ocean of fitness events around the world, hopefully represents the future of fitness. My goal was to bring together many talented instructors from around the city, ranging from yoga to cross fit, dance to bootcamp, pilates to pre-natal, minimalist to choreographed, and cycle to MMA, to showcase our potential to work together to deliver a premier fitness event experience like no other.


The event started with opening remarks to introduce the event charity, The Humber River Hospital Foundation, and motivational words to set the tone for the hours to come. It quickly shifted into the YANG portion whereby 12 high intensity movement instructors put the attendees through 10-15 minutes of their teachings. The day flowed into the YIN portion whereby 2 yoga instructors regressed the high energy into a calming and relaxing energy. Our appetites were satisfied with the YUM portion whereby post-recovery quinoa salad bowls, date and nut energy-replenishing bars, and refreshing green smoothies were consumed. While taking in the yumminness of the food, our thoughts were provoked by a Doctor of Naturopath, a Practical Everyday Nutritionista, and a resilience teaching Life Coach. Closing remarks were made to leave participants with positivity and success.


Many thanks go out to the instructors that dedicated their time and effort. Without them, there would be no 2.0.
Many thanks go out to the participants that pushed themselves through a physically and mentally challenging experience. Without them, there would be no 2.0.


2.0 does not represent the next level of skill or merit. It represents the next level in human interaction and delivery of life enhancing information. I created this event in hopes of underlining togetherness, camaraderie, teamwork, community, in the name of philanthropy and good will.

Be on the lookout for 3.0!