How to… 2013! Preventing resolution plateaus

Preventing resolution plateaus:


1.       Tortoise Mind = slow and steady wins the race

a.       A slow approach to achieving a goal makes things attainable and realistic

b.      A steady approach encourages consistency and commitment


2.       Game Change = Shock the system with new and exciting exercises. 

a.     Start with small changes to the F.I.T.T. (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type) principle

i.      F = Increase or decrease the volume of exercise – change the number of reps

ii.      I = Increase or decrease the load during exercise – change the weights

iii.      T = Increase or decrease the length of exercise – keep it efficient and under an hour

iv.      T = Try a new class, take on a different style of exercise, play a different sport


3.       Eating over Exercise = Emphasize Nutrition as the primary successor

a.       Take control of your eating like you do your exercising

i.      Analyze it, research it, plan for it, and give it your all


4.       Working out your rest = 8 hours…period.

a.       In order to gain from the pain, you must rest your body so that it can repair


5.       Be Proactive, not Reactive = Don’t ever allow yourself to fall off the bandwagon

a.       There is no “off season”

b.      Make training and exercising a part of your lifestyle


6.       Education cures Laziness = If you don’t know, ask, or Google it.

a.       Take the initiative to educate yourself on factors that may cause you to plateau

b.      With a little bit of ammo, you’ll be loaded with confidence when tackling any challenge